‘Ui Art Line’ is a project to instill vitality and positive atmosphere into the daily lives of citizens by excluding commercial advertisements and exhibiting high-quality cultural and artistic contents in the 13 stations of the Ui-Sinseol subway line.
Cultural and artistic journey with everyone
Cultural and artistic
experiences in our daily lives
By providing opportunities to experience cultural and artistic contents during a tedious daily commute, transform citizens’ commuting time into a cultural and artistic journey, adding values in their daily lives.
Exhibition platform
open to everyone
Open exhibition platform where citizens with various interests can join, as an exciting public cultural & artistic space which can be created with the participation of organizations, artists and individuals.
  • Exhibition Platform
    Provide high-quality cultural & artistic contents for citizens by holding various types of exhibitions including theme exhibitions, alliance exhibitions, and open exhibitions.
  • Advertising Platform
    Introduce cultural & artistic events and space using advertising media in stations or trains.
  • Sungshin Women's Univ. Station Rest Zone
    Create rest zones for citizens in idle space, with the artworks of the artist.
Exhibition Platform open to everyone
  • Theme
    Through the planning of UI ART LINE 
    Curator, We operate hight-quality
    exhibitions with distinct themes
    and concepts.
  • Alliance
    Exhibit high-quality contents in cooperation with diverse cultural & artistic organizations.
  • Open Exhibition
    Offer everyone (citizens, students and planners, etc.) an opportunity to exhibit their own contents after passing through an examination
The type module of B.I (Brand Identity) symbolizing Ui Art Line has been developed by using the concept of “OPEN PLATFORM” and Ui-Sinseol subway line’s “Railway Module” as visual elements. The developed module has been designed to be utilized as English typography word mark, numbers and pictogram among others.
  • Word Mark + Korean Sub Title
  • Main Symbol + Word Mark + Korean Sub Title
  • Main Symbol + Word Mark + Korean Sub Title
Module’s open space seen in the shape and contact points represents “OPEN PLAFORM,” the vision and model of Ui Art Line. The Module which are connected and changed in diverse forms signifies diversity and potential of the Ui Art Line.